What are some styles of clothing for men

The sociologist Barbara Kuchler has called on the fashion industry to harmonize clothing for women and men. Either "potato sacks for everyone" or tight, body-hugging clothes for all genders are needed.

"Women have the main social responsibility for looking good," criticized the scientist from Bielefeld University on Thursday at a panel discussion on the subject of gender relations at the 37th German Protestant Church Congress in Dortmund. Either "potato sacks for everyone" or tight, body-hugging clothes for all genders are needed.

Kuchler: abuse is "partly with the woman"

At the same time, Kuchler criticized women who "very willingly" participate in a social system in which more attention is paid to women’s appearance. When women put on make-up, plucked their eyebrows and wore tight clothing, they shouldn't be surprised "when they are looked at and there is burial," said the scientist. The fact that men perceive a miniskirt in a certain way cannot be blamed for them.

Of course, men should "have their hands under control," said Kuchler. But it is "sociological window dressing" when a woman demands to be judged only on her performance when she comes to the office dressed up. The responsibility for abuse lies "partly with the individual woman," she said.

Criticism: Potato sacks do not prevent sexual violence

Objections came from both the audience and the other panelist Kristina Marlen. The sex worker and physiotherapist said it was wrong to try to "de-sexualise public space".

Female sexuality is always censored first, criticized Marlen. A woman who says "no" and rejects herself morally is still easier to think than a woman who expresses her sexual desires. If everyone appeared in sacks of potatoes, it would not prevent sexual violence, she said. The only reason women are not taken seriously at work is that they are generally not taken seriously.