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Mama Sanskrit: How do you translate the German term mummy in Sanskrit? Sanskrit is a complex language. There are some Sanskrit words that you can use to speak German mummy can translate into Sanskrit. German mummy has as a Sanskrit translation for example Nana. In the ancient Sanskrit language Nana means mom in German.

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The following Sanskrit words are translations of Mama:

  • Nana, Sanskrit नना nanā f., Mama, little mother, originally Lallwort of the children, next to tata Papa. Nana is a Sanskrit word and means mom, mother.

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So that was quite a bit on the subject mummy and ways of using the term mummy translate from German into Sanskrit. Please note: Sanskrit is a complex language. This Yoga Wiki entry with the German-Sanskrit translation was taken from excerpts from freely available dictionaries from the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. These Yoga Wiki Sanskrit dictionary entries can of course not replace an Indian Sanskrit pundit or expert Indologist - and also no modern, newly researched Sanskrit dictionaries. Therefore, use these German-Sanskrit dictionary entries with care.