How many billionaires does Brazil have

Most of the multimillionaires in Latin America live in Brazil

Santiago de Chile. Brazil is Latin America's country with the most multimillionaires. This emerges from a new publication by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL).

A multimillionaire is therefore someone who has assets of more than one billion US dollars. According to this, there are 30 multimillionaires in Brazil, followed by Mexico with eleven, Chile with four and Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela with three multimillionaires each. Brazil and Mexico generate 0.44 and 0.18 percent of their British domestic product through wealth tax, in contrast to Bolivia with 0.69 percent.

The CEPAL report emphasizes that the "pronounced concentration of income and wealth" reduces the legitimacy of capitalism as a system that "although it creates injustice also opens up opportunities." The gigantic fortunes of the multimillionaires stand against "more than two billion people worldwide who live (or survive) on less than two US dollars a day".

According to the report, these inequalities threaten democracy. "To win an election, you need funding that puts those in an advantageous position with such resources."

The US news magazine Forbes wrote in 2012 that there are 1,153 multimillionaires worldwide. Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim, with a net worth of $ 69 billion, was the richest man in the world in 2012. In an international comparison, the USA with 412 multimillionaires remains the country with the most multimillionaires. This is followed by the emerging nations China (115), Russia (101) and India (55).