What are the best brunch recipes

Brunch recipes for cozy mornings

In addition to a rich breakfast selection of bread, rolls, cold cuts, egg dishes and various spreads, a good brunch also includes salads, finger food and warm meals. Here are some suggestions for delicious brunch recipes


Quick brunch recipes

Brunch is a long one: in the morning you usually start with something sweet like croissants or Franzbrötchen. At lunchtime, however, many of them like something hearty. But no matter what you start with, the delicacies for brunch need to be prepared in the first step. If you have to go fast, we recommend fast puff pastry snails. Our quarter-hour lightning-fast butter cake is ideal for quick cake enjoyment!


Warm brunch recipes

The best thing about brunch is the variety of recipes. Many like it hearty, others prefer it sweet. So it is best if you can offer a small selection of warm dishes for brunch. The classic scrambled eggs are always popular and pancakes are the perfect feast for all those with a sweet tooth.

Our tip: Pancakes for a larger group are great to bake in the oven. To do this, line a tray with baking paper, pour the pancake batter on top and place in the preheated oven at 200 ° C. You can then keep the tray super warm and, if you wish, serve your guests warm pancakes, which they can top with jam, chocolate sauce or fresh fruit.


Extra tip: prepare eggs for the big round

For an extensive brunch, the easiest way is to prepare several eggs at the same time. This works best with the help of a muffin tin, in which you can cook 12 eggs in the oven at the same time. To do this, place 1 egg in a hollow of a muffin tin and put it in the preheated oven at 175 ° C top / bottom heat. The eggs are ready in 25-30 minutes, depending on how hard the yolk should be.

Would you like to prepare poached eggs for your brunch guests? Here are instructions for poached eggs from the muffin pan.


Brunch recipes to prepare the day before

If you are planning a birthday brunch or a brunch for the whole family, it is advisable to prepare some recipes so that they are ready in no time on the day of the brunch. For example, you can cook soups the evening before and warm them up as needed. Homemade spreads are also quick to make and can sit overnight in the refrigerator. Creamy salads, such as our curry and poultry salad, can be prepared the day before - it only tastes really good after it has been cooked for a few hours.


Brunch recipes in a glass

We are big fans of recipes by the glass that are perfect for brunch. Whether soups, layered salads, cakes or delicious desserts - when filled in small glasses, a wide variety of dishes not only look pretty, your guests can also access them several times and taste the entire brunch menu. Here are our best recipes:

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