What is your hotel confession

Confessions on Whisper: Hotel employees unpack

Bed linen that is rarely changed, glasses that are not washed, dirty furniture: secrets that hotels like to hide from their guests. Conditions in the hotel industry are sometimes unreasonable, and many guests are unaware of this. If you want to find out details, you will find it in the social network Whisper. There, hotel employees make (dirty) confessions - anonymously. A selection.

“I work in a hotel and the blankets are only washed once a year.” So travelers shouldn't rely on the cozy blanket or bedspread on the bed in the hotel room being cleaned after the previous guest's departure.

And the hotel doesn't have to. According to the criteria catalog for the hotel classification of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), the hotelier is not obliged to do so.

"But like all washable elements of the bed, the covers, which are becoming increasingly rare, should be washed or cleaned as required or occupied as well as at fixed intervals," says the hotel association.

This user also warns of dirty ceilings - and chairs in the guest room. Hardly anyone would expect the seating furniture to be cleaned on a weekly basis. But more than once a year should already be in it.

There is no fixed regulation of Dehoga here either. But the following applies: “The furniture and equipment must be appropriate and well-kept. It goes without saying that vacuuming should be a fundamental part of daily room cleaning. Intensive, possibly damp, cleaning takes place at regular intervals or when it is dirty. "

“Sometimes I don't change the bedclothes, I just set up the bedding. Then I run the lint roller over it to remove the hair, ”admits a hotel maid on Whisper.

She does not reveal whether out of laziness or lack of time. Nevertheless, it is a creepy idea to snuggle up in a newly made hotel room in the bedding used by the previous guest.

According to Dehoga, hotels must of course change bed linen after each guest.

Even when reaching for the glass next to the minibar, it is better to look twice in the future. At least if you believe this user, he reports: "The glasses and mugs in the rooms are never washed."

Another secret that makes hotel guests uncomfortable.

The Dehoga regulation on this point: "Impeccable hygiene in the hotel room naturally also includes daily cleaning of glasses and mugs using perfectly hygienic methods."

A possible bedbug infestation is not related to the hygienic conditions in a house, clarifies the Dehoga. Bedbugs would be brought in by well-traveled guests. In times of globalization, regular bed checks should therefore be a matter of course for hotel operators, advises the association.