How can we calculate the cost of website development

How much does it cost to build a website?

What are the key factors influencing the pricing of a website?

I. Identify the correct website type

There is a wide range of website types that differ in terms of the effort required to successfully implement your project. Therefore, first consider what purpose you are pursuing with your website and what content you want to place on the website in the medium and long term.

From blog to complex platform. We introduce you to the eight most important website types:

  1. online shop
  2. Company website
  3. Blog
  4. Portal / platform
  5. Web-based application
  6. Search engine
  7. Landing page
  8. Microsite

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1. Online shop

The primary goal of an online shop is clear: companies want to sell their goods and services online on the web in order to increase sales.

Meanwhile buy 92% of all internet users Products online. Online shopping in the clothing sector (60%) is particularly popular in Germany, followed by electronics (31%) and entertainment (30%).

Online shops are complex systems. The automated ordering process places high demands on the legally secure processing of order and customer data as well as on the technical manageability. Functions that have to be mapped consequently lead to higher project prices. These are z. B. Invoicing, login function, e-mail notifications, returns processing and, sensibly, also user analyzes. A connection to a merchandise management system (ERP) or customer management programs (CRM) is often necessary.

Most online shops come with shop systems like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopware or Shopify created. For small shops that offer one or a few products, kits from WIX and Jimdo may be suitable. Shop kits are available on the web from € 20 per month. However, these must be configured yourself at the beginning of the online shop creation.

An online shop is more than just the user interface and a classic site. The design of a web-based, well thought-out and smoothly functioning merchandise management system in a company requires complex technical interfaces and must be planned strategically. This is worked out with leading online shop agencies and using systems such as Shopware, Magento & Co. According to your ideas, requirements for the system are worked out together with the agency in a workshop and all important interfaces and processes along the customer journey are mapped. This type of project planning and implementation starts off Costs of € 7,000 and can amount to tens of thousands of euros for large shop projects.

Companies therefore usually leave this design of a professional online shop to specialized online shop agencies. Some service providers create an online shop without interfaces with the help of a professional Shop templates from € 1,500.

Desired functions such as the handling of product configurations make online shop projects significantly more complex and cost-intensive. Very large shops with a particularly high level of complexity and high development costs are sometimes created for several hundred thousand euros.

Your own app can be a useful addition to the classic web shop.

For hosting, the placement of websites on the web server of an Internet Service Provider (ISP), costs from ten to several thousand euros, depending on the size of the web shop. Marketing expenses for a new online shop can also be very high. It is therefore important to factor in a significant proportion of the added value for online marketing such as search engine marketing (SEA).

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2. Company homepage

Would you like to be found on the Internet and by Google and present your company? Would you like to convince customers and applicants of your goods and services? Then a company website is essential.

A company homepage is also commonly called Corporate website refers to and is one of the informational websites. Not only companies, but also associations, clubs and municipalities use company websites to provide visitors with extensive online information. Company websites not only offer opportunities to contact you, but also a deep insight into your product range and projects.

A company homepage is available at a one-time fixed price or as a subscription. The price depends on the individuality, the effort for the design, the security requirements and the required functionalities. Web agencies often offer companies so-called package prices on their websites, depending on the functions and the number of sub-pages between € 700 and € 10,000 lie.

A website is a company's calling card. Only a few companies therefore create their homepage with web construction kits, although these are already available free of charge.

70% of Internet users state that an individually designed Internet presence is very important today and creates trust. Investing in a professionally created website is worthwhile.

Today you can find offers for static homepages from the hands of a web designer with up to five subpages for less than € 1,000. With such low prices, it is advisable to carefully check the way the provider works and the references. If a website is to be designed in a particularly appealing way, e.g. own photos or graphics are published and texts are created externally, the website should between € 2,500 and € 7,000 be estimated. If functions such as booking options for events are added, the website costs between € 5,000 and € 15,000.

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For professional, externally created texts, between € 150 and € 400 are charged per page. Professional photos can be created for around € 500 to € 1,000. It is more cost-saving to use available images (stock photos) against a license from the Internet. The potential services of most agencies also include providing professional photographers or researching suitable existing photos for your website. A professional data protection declaration with imprint and warning protection is available for around € 800. A Corporate Design will be without difficulty for € 1,500 to € 5,000 created.

In addition to the fixed costs, the prices for hosting and the domain must always be taken into account: You can get both of these for as little as € 10 per year, assuming a small amount of data.

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3. Blog

Do you want to make your content accessible to a readership on a website? The external users should read current topics and other relevant news - either on a relevant topic for companies or on your own project.

The level of the prices for blogs, more than for all other website types, is made up of the content to be created and the number of functions. Arise at the beginning of the project relatively low cost, as the need for additional functions usually only arises over time. Wordpress is often used for this type of website, as good plug-ins are already available for this. A premium theme costs only 40 to 60 euros. This can be created with your own know-how or externally adapted to your own wishes at a surcharge at the provider. However, the tips from experts are unanimous: Companies and institutions that want to make a difference to the competition have the blog created by experts.

Web agencies support their blog clients with the following services: web design creation, conception, strategy, marketing and the creation of user-relevant content.

Successful blogs set themselves apart from the crowd through one. You can already get these from web agencies and freelancers from € 1,000. At the start of the project, you may be tempted to save yourself this expense and build the blog yourself. This can be motivating at the beginning, but it should be noted that a desirable high reach and permanent loyalty of readers can be extremely time-consuming.

The selection of your advertising channels and marketing measures should be carefully considered in advance. When setting up social media channels, the use of digital experts who have already supervised similar projects helps. With increasing success, support in setting up and evaluating analysis tools and dashboards also makes sense.

Also for creating or editorial revision the content offers the help of experts. Web agencies with a focus on blogs do the work for you and offer the service to bring the blog site to the next level with tailor-made content. Are you looking for new articles for your blog? For a blog article written by a thematically qualified and experienced writer, you should be around 100 to 400 euros per item calculate.

Since a blog usually does not exchange many data packages and can be set to standard hosting, you can get your domain in connection with the appropriate hosting package from 10 euros per year.

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Prices for hosting and domains should not be neglected in addition to the fixed costs. With low data volumes and traffic, you can get both for as little as € 10 per year.

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4. Portal / platform

Would you like to bring together either private individuals or companies in a specific industry? Then is a Portal or platform the right name for your web project. The aim of a platform is to bring two players together online on the web, quickly and inexpensively, i.e. H. so-called Network effects to generate.

Portals and platforms are website types that are complex to create. The reasons for this are the need for logins and different hierarchies, data processing and scalability. Accordingly, the creation costs are higher than for other websites.

Obviously, these business models are also particularly successful, so today 7 of the 10 most valuable companies in the world are platforms.

Web portals are usually not implemented by individual developers or using a modular system. The creation requires modern technologies, in-depth knowledge of the market and a UI and UX design that appeals to the target groups.

B2B and B2C platforms Above all, they require a well thought-out competitive strategy in order to be able to assert themselves sustainably in a competitive web portal market. The conception phase requires sufficient time and financial resources, because this is where the course is set between success and failure. It must be taken into account that agencies sometimes do not even charge costs of several thousand euros for the creation of a concept in the interests of the client.

If the platform is developed in-house, a longer processing time can usually be expected. The hourly rates for IT professionals in this field are around € 100. Therefore, the legitimate question arises: implement insourcing or use outsourcing? It is faster and cheaper to have the digital platform developed together with experts if the know-how of your company is not in the technically demanding area of ​​platform development.

What does it cost to develop a platform. Here are a few examples to clarify:

The price for one very small platform, a so-called Minimum Viable Product (MVP), in the beauty industry was at a daily rate of 750 € and 15 developer days 11.250 €.

A medium-sized platform of a European comparison portal achieved an hourly rate of 90 € and a total of 30 developer days Total cost of € 21,600.

The great platform of a Berlin insurance company was at a daily rate of 900 € and a total of 180 developer days developed for € 162,000.

The costs for the development vary depending on the type and number of interfaces to be implemented, user administration, file upload options, the various hierarchies and authorizations. A separate marketplace generates additional costs, especially in the area of ​​payment and shopping integration. It is advisable to get one first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in order to identify sources of error in good time, as this is more cost-effective than developing a final end product directly. It is advisable to proceed iteratively when developing the platform and to work early on in the market with real customer feedback. The more precisely the requirements are defined and the more detailed the programming requirements, the cheaper and the better the quality of the portal will be developed.

In addition to the fixed development costs, you should definitely take a look at the expected running costs for the operation in your calculation and observe them as they progress, which are above average for this web type.

This includes marketing expenses right from the start, which are usually high for a platform. This is because two sides of a market have to be reached. Platform operators spend several million euros on SEA and other performance marketing channels. This is precisely why you can save yourself a lot of money in the long term if you deal with suitable tools such as seobility or Sistrix for search engine optimization at an early stage.

Our tip: If you have a working platform, you should think about developing an app. Don't you also use Google, Facebook and Instagram as apps?

In order to offer the many mobile users more convenience, an app is recommended as a supplement to the web portal. A template or Wordpress is usually not suitable as a technology, but web technologies such as Drupal or React should be selected.

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5. Web-based application

You want an interactive version of a Software application in the browser and make it available on all end devices? Then developing a web app is the right website variant for you. Web apps are now enjoying great popularity, as they can be used both on mobile devices and on the desktop.

What does it cost to develop a web app? This is the question founders, managing directors and employees of commercial enterprises and other institutions ask themselves when they want to bring customers close to their own service with an app.

The effort for programming a web app depends on many factors. You can influence some of these positively in advance. Agencies and developers need detailed requirements in order to be able to submit a serious price estimate.

The development of a web app is cheaper than the development of a native app and has several advantages, since no installation and download are necessary on the end device. They are also easy to find in search engines. In fact, many interactive websites are actually web apps. For example, platforms make use of the technology of web apps and can thus present complex content in a visually appealing way.

Since web apps validate data with the help of algorithms and often have to communicate with other applications via interfaces (API), the programming of APIs is a significant cost factor. The integration of functions in the backend is then many times more expensive than the development of the frontend. Since third-party software may have been written in a different programming language, the development of interfaces for web app developers can mean more work, which increases the costs of the project.

Some cost examples for web apps that arise during the 5 development phases of analysis, design, development, testing and go-live:

Common feature web apps can be used for less than € 10,000 implemented.

Web apps with additional features than just the basic functionalities are available to clients at 190 working hours for around € 10,000 to € 30,000.

If the web app is to be more extensive, to incorporate more complex interfaces and other features, the price for a web app is included over € 30,000.

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6. Search engine

Would you like to provide users with relevant information based on algorithms? Then join the illustrious group around Google, Bing, Yahoo or Ecosia. With a market share of 87%, Google is the number one search engine worldwide. In Germany the market share is even higher.

How can one calculate the calculation for the development of a search engine? In addition to the development costs, the running costs for data processing are particularly significant. The computing power consumes between three and ten billion euros annually for the search engine operators.

It can be assumed that significantly less money is invested in developing the front end (input interface) than in the back end (data processing). If you use existing libraries like Solr instead of starting them from scratch yourself, cost advantages can be achieved.

The costs of developing a competing search engine comparable to the one mentioned above in connection with a data center would be estimated at more than € 100 million.

It looks different with search engines on their own website. Here are thoseDevelopment costs between € 20,000 and € 60,000. In addition, annual costs for maintenance and updates between € 5,000 and € 10,000 must be budgeted for.

7. Landing page

Would you like your visitors to see relevant websites for individual products and product groups and thus increase your conversion rate? Then landing pages are exactly what you're looking for. With this type of website, you aim to generate higher sales or to get contact details through a contact form. Landing pages often generate 60% to 70% of the total turnover of web portals.

For anyone who would like to do it themselves, there are providers of landing page construction kits. These can be booked cheaply for € 2 to € 250 per month. If you decide to buy a template, you will find it from 15 €, but we can often identify problems with the consistency on websites.

How much do I have to spend on an individually designed landing page? Depending on the effort and complexity, landing pages from € 500 to € 5,000 to be created.

How do you explain the big price differences? In contrast to the lower-priced use of a silent template, the assignment to an advertising agency team that is mostly fully qualified in all sectors and that calls for higher hourly rates brings advantages from the agency's point of view of cost / benefit

  • analyzes and understands your business
  • developed the right sitemap
  • professionally created content, e.g. texts
  • conceived a well thought-out UX design
  • carries out search engine optimization
  • sets up individually adapted analysis software and UTM parameters
  • Professionally solves problems that arise

Are important for the development of suitable landing pages A-B tests, i.e. tests in which a version A is compared with a version B. The individual variants are played out to 50% each in order to have the audience test the conversion rate.

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8. Microsite

Would you like to create content with a new website for a special purpose, such as the sale of reduced items, or do you want to reach business customers instead of private customers? Then a microsite is the right website type for you.

This type of website is enjoying increasing popularity and achieves a very good ROI (Return on Investment) despite the additional financial investment required. Most microsites have a unique call-to-action. For website visitors, this offers the advantage of not having to navigate through cluttered pages, but of reaching the right content directly.

The web design and navigation of microsites can differ from the existing homepage. Why not just add a new section on the website? Both offers may stand in the way of each other, so that existing customers can buy discounted products, for example.

If you want to pursue a new marketing strategy, a new microsite can be very useful. Internet pages with a focus on content achieve a better place in the ranking of search engines because they provide relevant content for a keyword or search term.

What does a microsite cost? The costs for microsites are between € 1,500 and € 40,000.

If microsites are not created as a subdomain on your own homepage, additional domain costs from € 10 per year are incurred.

II. Building Websites: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Your effort in creating a website can be broken down into three resources: time, money and know-how.

First of all, therefore, the fundamental question arises:

  • Insourcing - create your own website or
  • Outsourcing - Have a website created with professional help

If you have enough time, you could theoretically acquire the necessary know-how yourself to design and even program your website yourself. Financial resources can make up for a lack of time and expertise. Professional development teams are ready to implement complex website projects with their appropriate know-how in a short time.

For homepages that are technically relatively easy to implement, such as reader blogs, you can work with "website builders" such as those offered by Wordpress. Here you create your website yourself. With a general technical understanding, you can create your own website relatively easily, cheaply and quickly. If your budget is low or you don't have big goals for your website, a website builder is the way to go.

If an individualization and fine adjustment in the web design of your website is desired, modular systems are limited and unsuitable with regard to the individual design options, as they are reduced to the expansion of prefabricated boxes. In addition, such construction kits are used by individual companies or private individuals, so your website will not stand out from other websites and therefore not stand out from the crowd. The costs are also charged monthly and a change of provider is not possible.

If you want to have a sophisticated website created sustainably and efficiently, you should commission a professional web agency. They create your website according to your wishes and, thanks to their expertise, can implement many individual functions and concerns on their part. Such a website is of course not as inexpensive in the first step as a self-created website from the construction kit, but this investment is definitely worth it, so that nowadays every successful company has its website developed by a professional agency.

We advise you independently, recommend technical solutions and accompany you from the idea to implementation.

III. Factors of Cost Creation

But how much does it cost to create a website exactly? Unfortunately, this question can be answered just as precisely as the question “How much does a car cost?” Or “How much does a vacation cost?”. Because the answer includes factors like: which brand do you choose? How much horsepower should the car have? Which model do I want to drive? Likewise, many factors play a role in determining the cost of creating a website.

Let's start with that it's not a fixed price, but rather a Concept of costs goes. These homepage costs can easily be divided into direct and indirect costs.

Creation costs

The costs for creating the website are largely made up of the design, its level of difficulty and the time it takes. Such design factors, which are usually directly reflected in the price of a website, are, for example, the structure of the website, the professional web design, the use of online marketing (e.g. SEO for Google), functionalities, languages ​​and translations, urgency and security.

Maintenance costs

Another large and predictable block of costs can be expected from regular updates and maintenance. The 21st century is characterized by constant new developments and advances. For this reason alone, static websites are rarely created these days, so that new functions can be added at any time and without great difficulty. In order to implement current features, guarantee security and always be able to offer compatibility, maintenance and updates are also part of the appropriate calculation of the costs for creating a website.

Depending on the time interval and extent in which such maintenance is carried out, prices of a few 100 to several 1000 euros to be expected. High prices for maintenance jobs are to be expected especially when using Wordpress website builders, as these have to be further developed at least once a month.

Bottom line - how to explain website price differences

In general, it is useful to understand that the monetary expense of creating a website is largely determined by personnel and operating costs. Since excellent quality is difficult to achieve through low prices, it is also clear that savings in personnel costs for the creation of websites are only conditionally recommendable. Professional agencies are therefore the ideal way to have complex professional websites created.

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