Why is vodka odorless

Alcohol plume: these 9 remedies will save you the day after

Once again looked too deep into the glass and scared the next day about your own alcohol plume? We have 9 life hacks with which you can declare war on the next flag.

1. Mouth spray for that minty fresh breath

You might know from the past when bad breath plagued you before your first date. The can is quickly fished out of the pocket, two well-dosed sprays in the throat and zack, the alcohol plume is covered with a minty scent. Maybe re-spray from time to time. Just to be on the safe side.

2. Drink vodka against the alcohol plume

What, vodka is supposed to help against the flag? Fighting fire with fire sounds more than bizarre. But it's not at all: Don't grab the wine or rum at the next party, but the vodka bottle. Vodka is particularly pure alcohol, which is why the flag doesn't even appear the next day, or it is much less pronounced.

3. Use deodorant or perfume

Super easy. Simply sprinkle a lot of strong deodorant or perfume and the people around you evade you because you smell like the visitors of a village disco and not as if you had drunk two glasses too much.

4. Neutralizing sweets as a miracle cure

You can find everything on the Internet. Neutralizing sweets should not only cover or reduce the flag, but rather neutralize it completely by binding the alcohol odor. I would say just try it out.

5. Basil as a home remedy

The essential oils in basil ensure that the alcohol odor is neutralized. Sounds a bit disgusting and it is to chew on such green leaves. But as is well known, the end justifies the means.

6. Tea tree oil: the all-purpose weapon

In order to cover the flag for a long time, drastic means have to be used: tea tree oil. It smells so strong that it covers up any smell. Only the other person could become suspicious of the strong smell of the oil. So just drizzle a little on your teeth and distribute it.

7. Strong cough drops

Strong candies help with so many problems, such as a sore throat. Most of the time they taste good and have a pleasantly strong smell. So perfect to cover a flag - at least for a moment.

8. Women try perfume for men

A light perfume is actually always better than a heavy one. But when it comes to covering up an alcohol plume, only a really penetrating perfume will help. So it's best to use a men's perfume. Applied by women, this irritates people - it has the advantage that they notice the flag less often.

9. Call in sick and turn blue

Calling the boss briefly in the morning after the party, calling in sick and just going blue is also an option. Sounding convincing shouldn't be too difficult, because the scratchy voice and the suffering when speaking come with the alcohol plume for free.