What is your moral standard

Your most morally reprehensible job?

Everyone was young once and needed the money. During this time, you often don't ask so much what exactly you are doing to secure the urgently needed, scarce income - or you simply cannot really afford to question financially.

And so you sit in a call center and try to sell insurances to unsuspecting people that they actually don't need. It doesn't feel really good, but for every successful deal there is a commission and the rent has to be paid. Others once handed out free cigarettes at events or small bottles of hard liquor - they always gave great pleasure, but they weren't exactly gifts that prolonged the lives of others.

Later in life, too, when your training or studies have been completed and you are hopefully financially in a less precarious situation than you were in younger years, you are sometimes faced with the question of accepting a job that you actually cannot reconcile with your own principles : Fashion chains with questionable production conditions in developing countries, gambling groups or arms manufacturers. For some, it is also a question of conscience whether or not to apply for jobs.

Which jobs would you rather not have done for ethical reasons?

Which ethically not entirely clean jobs did you do in your younger years or later? Have you been at odds? Which jobs have you turned down because of moral concerns? (aan, June 12th, 2019)