What is your unusual snack of choice

The best snacks under 150 calories

Table of Contents

  1. Snacks below 150 calories: fruit and dried fruit
  2. Snacks under 150 calories: nuts
  3. Snacks below 150 calories: hearty and protein-rich

1. Snacks under 150 calories: fruit and dried fruit

A proverb says "An Apple a day keeps the doctor away". Because apples can protect against cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of strokes. Apples also contain a lot of vitamin C and the fiber pectin. This ensures that the fruit will keep you full for a long time. Apples are therefore the ideal snack and stay relaxed under 150 calories.

Bananas have a bad rap and are considered sugar bombs. But that is completely wrong. The crooked fruit is not one of the lowest calorie varieties, but a medium-sized banana still has just 100 calories. Bananas keep you full for a long time and are therefore a great snack for when you are hungry. They also contain valuable B vitamins, some vitamin C, a lot of potassium and a good portion of magnesium.

Admittedly, dates are a matter of taste. But if you like the small, sweet things, you should eat them more often as a snack instead of chocolate and Co. Because dried dates score with a high proportion of magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. By the way: dates are quite high in calories because of their high sugar content, but like other fruits they contain hardly any fat. And 3 dried dates only have 87 calories.

Dried plums are ideal as a small snack in between, because they satisfy the desire for sweets, curb cravings and provide us with long-lasting energy. The dried fruits provide a good portion of vitamin E and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. The high fiber content contributes to intestinal health.

2. Snacks under 150 calories: nuts

Almonds provide valuable protein because, at almost 20 percent, there is about as much protein in almonds as in mozzarella cheese. Therefore, almonds are ideal as a snack, especially for vegetarians and vegans. Don't let the high fat content intimidate you. This has a particularly favorable composition and therefore does not burden the metabolism, but rather helps to regulate it. Be sure to snack on almonds with their brown skin, because they contain plenty of fiber that will keep you full for a long time.

From a purely botanical point of view, cashews are not nuts but stone fruits. They are always a good choice as a snack. With only 42 g of fat per 100 g, cashew nuts are one of the relatively low-fat "nuts". Their high protein and magnesium content make them perfect food for the nerves. Cashew nuts also contain tryptophan, from which serotonin is produced in the brain. So snack on cashew nuts more often.

Everyone knows trail mix. But who really buys it as a snack in between? Student fat contains many healthy nuts. So take it easy - even if you are no longer a student!

Pistachios contain valuable, polyunsaturated fatty acids and can thus prevent high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases. Nuts don't have to hide when it comes to fiber and B vitamins. Pistachios are also the ideal snack. Because by cracking the shell you are busy a little longer and don't just stuff something into yourself. But still use the unsalted variant.

3. Snacks below 150 calories: Hearty and protein-rich

Crispbread is the ideal snack in between for everyone who likes it hearty. Because two slices have just under 70 calories. Topped with low-fat cream cheese or Harz cheese (which is low in calories and provides a lot of protein) crispbread makes a big splash. Cucumber or radish slices provide a freshness kick and also do not have a negative impact on the calorie account.

But crackers are also a good alternative, especially if they are 100 percent natural and gently dried at 42 ° C. More than 2000 years ago, flat breads made from grain sprouts were dried in the sun. AHO does not use any baking additives for this. The fresh sprouts of the ancient grain "Oberkulmer Rotkorn" (with only 0.01 percent wheat intersection) give the cracker a pleasant nutty taste. The high content of vitamins B1, B6, omega 3 and vitamin E is completely retained during the drying process up to 42 ° C AHO crackers are also particularly tasty with spreads or dips.

If you're looking for something fresh in between, cucumber salad is just the thing for you. It is low in calories and tastes delicious. Cucumbers also contain potassium, iron, zinc and fluorine.

An egg as a snack sounds unusual at first, but why not? After all, this valuable protein provides just 93 calories per piece.

Grainy cream cheese is the absolute all-rounder. It either tastes hearty with herbs and vegetables, e.g. B. with chopped cucumber or paprika, or sweet with fruit, honey and cinnamon. The shepherd's cheese is low in fat and high in protein and can therefore be used more often as a snack.

Lean quark is just as much an all-rounder as grainy cream cheese. With frozen berries it becomes a healthy yet sweet afternoon snack for those who are hungry. With herbs and pepper, it becomes a hearty dip for crispbread & Co.