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General information

Are you supposed to sign a document in front of a consular officer at a German diplomatic mission abroad?
The following information is intended to illustrate to you that there are basically two different forms of the creation of public documents under German law: The form of signature certification and the form of notarial certification. A document is signed for both forms. Legislators and case law determine when which form is used.

Signature certification

The signature authentication is the "simpler" form. With the signature certification, the notary or consular officer confirms that the named person has signed the document in front of him. The signature must be made personally in front of the responsible consular officer or recognized by him.
There is no instruction about the legal meaning of the document to be signed.
In many cases, the authentication of a signature is sufficient to make a document legally effective.

Some examples are:

  • Declaration of approval: Declaration with which a representative subsequently approves a contract that has already been signed in Germany;
  • Application for a certificate of good conduct
  • Declaration on the renunciation of an inheritance
  • Certification of photocopies

You can certify your signature at the embassy Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

The fee for a signature authentication is based on the value of the legal transaction for which you need the certificate and can be between 20 and 250 euros. The fee can be paid in cash in Nepali rupees at the current exchange rate at the relevant German diplomatic mission abroad.

Notarial certification

Some examples of legal transactions to be notarized are:
- irrevocable power of attorney for the sale of real estate
- Affidavit (e.g. in pension matters, in the event of loss of a driver's license, etc.)
- Application for a certificate of inheritance
- Application for the issuance of an executor's certificate
- Acknowledgment of paternity
- maintenance obligation

Notarization - appointment allocation

The certification must be prepared and can only be carried out by prior appointment. Please contact us by email or phone and explain your concerns. You will then receive a list of the documents to be submitted as well as an appointment with the responsible consular officer.