Has anyone written a book about Pizzagate?

Pizza, celebrities, patriots

What do the fall of a stuntman, the CIA and a pizzeria, in whose basement a network of criminals are supposed to rape children, have in common? You guessed it: nothing. But with a little Hollywood studio technology and a few protagonists who themselves believe in a connection, you can easily make a pseudo-documentary that simulates a connection.

This is what happened with “Out of Shadows”, a film that was released on YouTube on April 11th and has since been viewed over 10.4 million times (as of April 26th). "Patriots made this film to bring the truth into the world," says the statement. A "team of alert experts" is responsible. You don't find out more about directors, production companies or the like. But one thing is certain: when "patriots" pretend to bring "the truth into the world", caution is called for. The original film is in English, but has since been translated by amateurs into other languages ​​- including German.

One of these "patriots" is apparently Mike Smith, who starred in film productions as a stuntman. He leads through the strip disguised as a documentary and first shows a few scenes from his »career« - as an appetizer, so to speak: stunts for »Spiderman«, »Batman« - everything included. Then, however, says Smith, his stunt manhood suddenly ended with a fall: He ended up with a physiotherapist who not only literally helped him back on his feet, no, metaphorically she also opened his eyes: From her, Smith said he had learned that "those up there" run a satanist association that perpetrates sexual violence against children and distributes videos of it. How does she want to know? "I'll patch the children back together afterwards."

Smith sees himself as a doubter. At first he doesn't believe her, finds it ridiculous that she prays for him. But little by little, like many believers in conspiracies, he himself found the supposedly correct belief. In the beginning he doesn't believe the story of the conspiracy - until he reads more "on the Internet" about a satanic child rape ring in which celebrities, politicians and secret service agents are supposed to be involved. But one does not know exactly anything. He notices images of allegedly satanic practices that he claims to have seen in one way or another in the homes of Hollywood stars. Very suspicious! He resolves to "investigate" the matter.

Mike Smith picks people up where they stand: They supposedly don't believe in outrageous conspiracies, but they trust "those up there" to do anything. And if a story is reasonably professionally packaged and suggestive and this stuntman known in Hollywood is also convinced of it - then there must be something to the robber pistol story. (Spoiler: It isn't.)

Then the first "witness" appears, an old friend of Smith's and also a stuntman: Brad Martin. Martin, like Smith, sees himself as "doubters," and doubting together they feel less alone. Martin doesn't make any substantial contributions to the film, but he also did great stunts, and that somehow distinguishes him as someone who knows.

The first so-called expert to be presented is Kevin Shipp, an ex-CIA spy who claims that the "deep state" is pulling the strings in the United States: a group around Democrats and intelligence officials. The second, and notably last, “expert” is ex-journalist Liz Croakin, who specializes in “pizzagate,” a conspiracy ideology that made the rounds during the last US presidential election. The focus was on a pizzeria in Washington D.C. and the leaked emails of Hillary Clinton's campaign manager at the time, John Podesta.

How does all this belong together now? Quite simply: According to the hobby detectives, not only secret service agents and US democrats are involved in the satanist criminal organization, but also various Hollywood stars. The CIA is said to use Hollywood to manipulate viewers with blockbusters in such a way that they do not notice the "truth" and let themselves continue to be sprinkled. The mass media are also said to be involved in the plot

Quite a few truths and half-truths appear in the film. The CIA program MK-Ultra, for example, in which experiments on people with LSD were carried out, did exist. But Kevin Shipp claims the program never ended. As an example, he cites NXIVM: The cult is said to have held women captive in order to rape them. A well-known series actress is said to have been involved in the deeds. NXIVM has used methods similar to MK-Ultra, according to Shipp. Proofs? Nothing. Incidentally, the crime ring was uncovered by the New York Times - of all the newspapers that supposedly are all "aligned" and do everything to cover up "the truth." Those responsible at NXIVM are currently on trial. So not everyone is in cahoots?

The most important pieces of evidence for the conspiracy nonsense spread in "Out of Shadows" are around four years old - and it has been unmasked for just as long: The word "pizza" appears several times in the emails from John Podesta published by Wikileaks among other things in this question: "Would you love to get a pizza for an hour?" Very suspicious! According to Croakin, "pizza" is a code word in the crime scene for little girls. But that too is merely asserted. By the way: In the e-mail inbox of the author of this article, the word "pizza" appears 233 times, once in this cryptic sentence: "Eating pizza is hopeless." What is behind it?

"Out of Shadows" is spread via Telegram channels by the extreme right and esoteric crazy as well as via Twitter accounts by people who believe that the earth is flat. Conspiracy theories offer simple explanations for complex relationships, which make people susceptible to them. Conspiracy theories are also popular among the right because they are mostly structurally anti-Semitic: sometimes the group operating in secret is the "deep state", sometimes it is "the Jews" who "pull the strings".

In his emails, John Podesta also writes about a performance called "Spirit Cooking" by the artist Marina Abramovic. Those who have fallen into the conspiracy ideology claim that Abramovic and her guests used occult practices in the process. It may come as no surprise that people who prefer simple explanations don't think much of art. And therefore on the Instagram profile of Lady Gaga, who performed with Abramovic, left tons of comments in which they abuse them as pedophiles.

A few well-known facts about government malpractice are haphazardly mixed up in this film with actual, uncovered crimes involving the military and celebrities. From this the legend is knitted that the entire "elite" is involved. What is missing is evidence and real sources.

Not all "up there" belong to the "bad guys" from the point of view of the confused. For example, those who once flown in the private jet of investment banker Jeffrey Epstein, including Hillary Clinton, appear suspicious to them. Epstein was charged in 2019 with running a rape trafficking ring with minors. He died in custody. This is also why myths have grown up. What is surprising: Trump was also a guest on Epstein's plane. But the conspiracy ideologues do not consider him a suspect in child trafficking.

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