Is the Dubai license valid in Australia?

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The passport must be valid for the duration of the stay. We recommend validity of at least 6 months upon entry. The national driving license is not a valid border document.
Tip: In the case of stopover trips, it is essential to observe the regulations of all countries visited or of the respective transit country.


Austrian citizens need to enter Australia for a stay of up to 3 months electronic visitor visa ("e-Visitor"). The application is free of charge and must be made online at before departure. For stays of up to 12 months it is necessary to apply for a “tourist stream” visa.
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Special documents
Different provisions may apply to holders of special documents (e.g. service or diplomatic passports, etc.). Therefore, please inform the responsible representative authority (see "Important addresses") or on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


A valid passport is required for the duration of the stay. You have to apply for your own eVisitor visa.

Power of attorney for unaccompanied minors

Minor children who travel without or with only one legal guardian should have a declaration of consent with them. This power of attorney should be accompanied by a copy of the minor's birth certificate and a copy of the legal guardian's passport. If you have different surnames, it is also advisable to take your parents' marriage certificate with you.
A template can be downloaded below.


Information on entry and passport requirements only apply to Austrian citizens.